NBCUniversal's Esquire TV channel invested in a powerful new program - Spotless - from European studio Canal+. Spotless is a dark, gritty yet humuourous show with a stellar British & French cast and one challenge: no familiar stars.

With no star-power, Maxus decided to focus on the show's dark message:  You can't escape your past... no matter how hard you scrub.

So how could we entice our 25-49 year old male audience to get involved in this theme?


In line with the "your dark past" theme, we created a Digital Profile Scrubber; a Facebook web app powered by AI that helps you clean up the evidence of your dark past. used to search, analyze, showcase and "scrub"  those embarrassing, shameful and hilarious Facebook photo moments from your past. 

The app used AI to detect and analyse photos for embarrassing moments. AI that really understands that every guy has a dark, douchebag past - and Facebook has the photos to prove it. We use AI image analysis to detect:

  • Drunk face / "duck face" / stupid faces
  • Festivals, nightclubs and way too big nights (ever looked a Halloween or St Patrick's day photos of yourself from 5 -7 years ago? Not great).
  • Bad outfits & costumes (Nurse outfit? Really???)

After uncovering the evidence of your dark past, users could choose to destroy the evidence via Bleach, Fire or Scrubbing. In reality, we didn't delete anything - instead we created a "wall of shame" graphic that users could share in their Facebook feed - recognition that we all have a past we'd rather clean away. 

Our app ran within Facebook, encouraging interaction and sharing. Sharing to Newsfeed was built in, and a majority of engagements were delivered from organic Facebook feed shares.

The results?

5k+ men used our AI to uncover their shameful past - and celebrate it. For an experimental program - we used experimental technology to bring the shows themes to life.