The Project

Before the launch of the provocative psychological science fiction thriller Self/less, Gramercy Pictures and Metalworks partnered to create a unique launch party giving social media influencers an all-access pass into the Playboy Mansion. Before the movie’s pre-screening, Metalworks created an interactive installation that invited guests to be a “controller” in a lab environment – where they steer parts of a vessel male human body on the other side. The social media influencers present at the event who volunteered for the experiment had their head and arms strapped to sensors that detected neuro-signals and impulses from the brain directly.


  • 346,538 social media shares and engagement over Instagram, Twitter and Youtube
  • Key influencers, Jared Chambers and Philip De Franco shared a photo on Instagram that gathered more than 10k likes each. Charles Trippy posted a vlog on his YouTube channel that achieved more than 280k views and tweeted about the event garnering 280+ favourites.

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