The ‘Cold and Flu’ category is extremely competitive. Panadol Cold and Flu, a variant of the more popular Panadol brand, needed to increase awareness in Winter while competing with a bigger competitor, Codral. Every dollar invested in media has to work and it was crucial that Maxus help Panadol speak to Australians at the moment just before they might get sick.


We analyzed search, weather, sales and health data to find a the pattern that predicted when people would get sick. We then adjusted the media, creative and budget invested in real-time through a proprietary web application, The Panadol Cold & Flu Tracker. Gathering Google search data and temperatures in each city, Metalworks developed a predictive algorithm that dictated the best time to up-weight digital & radio media for top-of-mind awareness before people started getting sick. This was done through causation analysis, where a drop in temperature at a certain threshold would cause cold and flu search terms to spike a few days later, as people got sick.

We helped GSK Australia double the reach of their 2011 activity with half the budget, reduced historic CPC by 70% and saved the client 22% of their original online budget set before the campaign. Through software tweaks, we acheieved hundreds of buying improvements made automatically on media purchase, reducing man hours required and improving efficiency and accuracy!

This campaign won the Australian CommsCon award of Best Reporting and Use of Measurement in 2013. It was also shortlisted for the Mumbrella Award for Data in 2013

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