Metalworks is the innovation unit of Maxus. At Maxus we believe in Leading Change. Metalworks is the manifestation of that principle through the disciplines of innovation partnerships and investigation. 



Our clients cannot win by doing the same thing as everyone else. Neither by doing the same thing as they've always done. Maxus offers marketers innovation consulting with a practical focus.


Technology drives change. We partner with tech startups, universities, industry groups and artists to ensure the best Maxus ideas can always happen.



From wearable technologies to web applications. We incubate the most promising ideas and research and help bring them to market.



  • Raise awareness, desirability, and purchase of Clarins new Multi Active Day and Night
  • In a hugely cluttered category, get an older skewing brand with low awareness, on the mind of millennial women
  • Change popular perception and conversation surrounding aging and wrinkles


The conversation had to change about beauty. Alongside the Maxus strategic planning team, we knew we needed to approach beauty from a place of experiences, empowerment, aging gracefully and celebrating life's richness.

Celebrating aging moments, or moments that were #WorthTheWrinkle, was the angle we knew could create a new language and experience of skincare in the market. 

As a result, we built an app that, powered by an algorithm, that scanned, sorted and identified users unforgettable #WTW life moments via a facebook integration, matching to categories like "Overcame your Fears", "Cried Tears of Joy" and "Pushed Your Limits". 

This gave the user a selection of images from their own facebook photos in these areas, finding experiences such as marathons, graduating, weddings, babies being born, riding on an elephant! - to create a dynamic, personalized shareable :60sec video with Clarins end branding, that users then shared via social.


NBCUniversal's Esquire TV channel invested in a powerful new program - Spotless - from European studio Canal+. Spotless is a dark, gritty yet humuourous show with a stellar British & French cast and one challenge: no familiar stars.

With no star-power, Maxus decided to focus on the show's dark message:  You can't escape your past... no matter how hard you scrub.

So how could we entice our 25-49 year old male audience to get involved in this theme?


In line with the "your dark past" theme, we created a Digital Profile Scrubber; a Facebook web app powered by AI that helps you clean up the evidence of your dark past. used to search, analyze, showcase and "scrub"  those embarrassing, shameful and hilarious Facebook photo moments from your past. 

The app used AI to detect and analyse photos for embarrassing moments. AI that really understands that every guy has a dark, douchebag past - and Facebook has the photos to prove it. We use AI image analysis to detect:

  • Drunk face / "duck face" / stupid faces
  • Festivals, nightclubs and way too big nights (ever looked a Halloween or St Patrick's day photos of yourself from 5 -7 years ago? Not great).
  • Bad outfits & costumes (Nurse outfit? Really???)

After uncovering the evidence of your dark past, users could choose to destroy the evidence via Bleach, Fire or Scrubbing. In reality, we didn't delete anything - instead we created a "wall of shame" graphic that users could share in their Facebook feed - recognition that we all have a past we'd rather clean away. 

Our app ran within Facebook, encouraging interaction and sharing. Sharing to Newsfeed was built in, and a majority of engagements were delivered from organic Facebook feed shares.

The results?

5k+ men used our AI to uncover their shameful past - and celebrate it. For an experimental program - we used experimental technology to bring the shows themes to life.

The Project

Before the launch of the provocative psychological science fiction thriller Self/less, Gramercy Pictures and Metalworks partnered to create a unique launch party giving social media influencers an all-access pass into the Playboy Mansion. Before the movie’s pre-screening, Metalworks created an interactive installation that invited guests to be a “controller” in a lab environment – where they steer parts of a vessel male human body on the other side. The social media influencers present at the event who volunteered for the experiment had their head and arms strapped to sensors that detected neuro-signals and impulses from the brain directly.


  • 346,538 social media shares and engagement over Instagram, Twitter and Youtube
  • Key influencers, Jared Chambers and Philip De Franco shared a photo on Instagram that gathered more than 10k likes each. Charles Trippy posted a vlog on his YouTube channel that achieved more than 280k views and tweeted about the event garnering 280+ favourites.

See summary of Social Media shares

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The main challenge of the campaign was to “break through the sea of sameness to drive awareness leading to conversion” for Revlon products in Canada. The season of romantic movies and the cineplex environment where couples frequent presents the perfect opportunity to invite women to step into the world of love before their show. 


Working with Vengo, we implemented interactive sampling vending machines, at cineplexes situated within major cities in Canada. The campaign drove awareness of Revlon’s new ‘Love is On’ campaign on-location and on social media channels via the hashtag #LoveIsOn Participants simply have to answer a time limited movie quiz and get the top score to win a Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick.


  • 3.2 million views of the 30s spot on running on the customised Revlon vending machine located in 28 theatre lobby’s in major Canadian cities e.g. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
  • Nearly 38,000 consumers interacted with the Revlon vending machine, generating 797,000 taps on the screen and an average engagement time of 35 seconds per unique engagement.
  • More than 7,000 lipstick samples were distributed as TimePlay (Quiz) prizes through the Vengo machines which was redemption rate of 74% over the course of the campaign

Note: Redemption rate defined as “Offers Viewed” to “samples distributed” Close to 14,000 consumers passing by the vending machines also registered to receive a coupon

* Bronze Winner of Marketing Magazine Canada's Media Innovation 2016 Awards for Best use of Out-of-Home Media (Budget over $100k).

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Beacons - Past, Present, Future

With 2016 set to the be the year when Beacons go from hype to delivering real marketing value, here at Maxus we’ve created a practical guide for brands seeking to harness their potential.

Written by Maxus head of innovation, Tom Kelshaw, Beacons – Promise, Present, Future, is a thorough examination of the state of Beacons at the moment. It covers technology, the challenges and opportunities of Beacons, as well as strategies employed by Beacon pioneers such as Apple and Unilever.

Download the report here (PDF, 3Mb, 18pp)


Tiger Beer in Malaysia has a fan club for football enthusiasts called Tiger FC and needed an innovative way to engage audience during its live televised match events. In Malaysia and many parts of the world, watching live sporting events in public venues (e.g. pubs) is a social activity and Tiger FC intends to expand the social reach despite restrictions on advertising for a liquor brand in a Muslim country with strict Sharia law.


Gameday is a mobile web application, which operates from any mobile web browser without installation. Football fans that use the Gameday application to predict scores of their favourite matches during the event, earn points that are redeemable for exclusive Tiger FC prizes and gadgets. Additionally, fans who use the app as a second screen for live matches can gain extra points by correctly answering match-related questions through the bonus “Skill Challenge” round in between the match or time sensitive poll questions during the match. Social media shares are also rewarded with extra points; making every Gameday user a winner.

This campaign won Adweek's Most Inventive Sports Marketing Media Campaign in 2015. 


Berocca Boost is marketed as a multi-vitamin drink (in tablet form) packed with B-vitamins and Guarana for an instant energy boost. Unfortunately, most people don't think about heading to a pharmacy for an energy drink. Through research, we found that youths in Singapores spend at least an hour online every day surfing social media channels and taking selfies was starting to emerge as a culture trend in 2012. 


We created self-dispensing energy drink machine activated through Facebook via a mobile
check-in at high-traffic locations such as pharmacies and polytechnics/universities. Upon checking in to the location, a countdown timer is activated, taking a few candid photos of the drinker enjoying a fresh cup of fizz on to Berocca’s Singapore Facebook page.

During the 2 week campaign in 2012, 500+ photos uploaded to Facebook from the bot, the organic reach of Berocca's Facebook page increased by 90%, with Boostbot content increasing by 702%. Photo views went up by 51% on Facebook!

The client, Bayer Singapore, also reported a +50% increase in sales of Berocca Boost after stores were placed with the Boostbot.

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Fiat Italy needs a novel way to launch its new limited edition 500L cars. Almost every car brand at the Geneva Auto Show launches their car the same way with booth babes. Open Innovation (and crowdsourcing) was getting increasingly common and we helped Fiat gathered the best ideas from Europe.


In 2013, we worked with Fiat to invite the most creative minds in Europe to submit their vision of showcasing the Fiat 500L Beats Edition™ at the next Geneva Motor Show. The result, an interactive DJ booth, which we built in collaboration with a technology startup, allows visitors to mix tracks and experience the Dr. Dre sound system in a fun way.

This campaign won Best Communication Retail/Shopper Marketing for NC Awards 2015 in Italy. 

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The ‘Cold and Flu’ category is extremely competitive. Panadol Cold and Flu, a variant of the more popular Panadol brand, needed to increase awareness in Winter while competing with a bigger competitor, Codral. Every dollar invested in media has to work and it was crucial that Maxus help Panadol speak to Australians at the moment just before they might get sick.


We analyzed search, weather, sales and health data to find a the pattern that predicted when people would get sick. We then adjusted the media, creative and budget invested in real-time through a proprietary web application, The Panadol Cold & Flu Tracker. Gathering Google search data and temperatures in each city, Metalworks developed a predictive algorithm that dictated the best time to up-weight digital & radio media for top-of-mind awareness before people started getting sick. This was done through causation analysis, where a drop in temperature at a certain threshold would cause cold and flu search terms to spike a few days later, as people got sick.

We helped GSK Australia double the reach of their 2011 activity with half the budget, reduced historic CPC by 70% and saved the client 22% of their original online budget set before the campaign. Through software tweaks, we acheieved hundreds of buying improvements made automatically on media purchase, reducing man hours required and improving efficiency and accuracy!

This campaign won the Australian CommsCon award of Best Reporting and Use of Measurement in 2013. It was also shortlisted for the Mumbrella Award for Data in 2013

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