• Raise awareness, desirability, and purchase of Clarins new Multi Active Day and Night
  • In a hugely cluttered category, get an older skewing brand with low awareness, on the mind of millennial women
  • Change popular perception and conversation surrounding aging and wrinkles


The conversation had to change about beauty. Alongside the Maxus strategic planning team, we knew we needed to approach beauty from a place of experiences, empowerment, aging gracefully and celebrating life's richness.

Celebrating aging moments, or moments that were #WorthTheWrinkle, was the angle we knew could create a new language and experience of skincare in the market. 

As a result, we built an app that, powered by an algorithm, that scanned, sorted and identified users unforgettable #WTW life moments via a facebook integration, matching to categories like "Overcame your Fears", "Cried Tears of Joy" and "Pushed Your Limits". 

This gave the user a selection of images from their own facebook photos in these areas, finding experiences such as marathons, graduating, weddings, babies being born, riding on an elephant! - to create a dynamic, personalized shareable :60sec video with Clarins end branding, that users then shared via social.