Maxus Italy and Metalworks win big at NC Awards 2015

We had a golden evening with Maxus Italy at the NC Awards 2015 in Italy last week, winning first prize for Best Communication Retail/Shopper Marketing and second prize for Best Media Agency.

NC Awards is the first Italian award dedicated to highlighting the finest developments of its communications industry.

Having worked closely with Maxus Italy to bring the Fiat Mash Machine project alive, we are stoked to receive these awards. Some would describe this project as an Interactive DJ Booth for the limited edition Fiat 500L Beats Edition™.

Fiat Italy needed a novel way to launch its new limited edition 500L cars. Almost every car brand at the Geneva Auto Show launches their car the same way with booth babes. Open Innovation (and crowdsourcing) was getting increasingly common and we helped Fiat gathered the best ideas from Europe.

In 2013, we worked with Fiat to invite the most creative minds in Europe to submit their vision of showcasing the Fiat 500L Beats Edition™ at the next Geneva Motor Show. The result, an interactive DJ booth, which we built in collaboration with a technology startup, allows visitors to mix tracks and experience the Dr. Dre sound system in a fun way.

“The Fiat Interactive Music Mash Up project makes use of some seriously cool DJing technology to create a playful and exciting brand experience that amplifies the appeal of the Fiat 500L Beats Edition™'s outstanding in-car audio system. Fiat has seamlessly merged industrial scale craftsmanship with Italian creativity and exported this globally. With the Fiat Interactive Music Mash Up project, plus Fiat’s involvement with the Metalworks Innovation Prize, the company has shown that it's constantly able to surprise and delight with new ideas and cutting edge technology,” said Nico Abbruzzese, Global Director of Creative Technology at Maxus & Head of Metalworks.

Some noteworthy results from the campaign:

  1. Press coverage in Italian and International press, including Uomini & Donne, CampaignAsia and Advertising’s Little Black Book Online.

  2. The showcase sold half of the 1000 limited edition cars.

If you're curious to find out more about campaigns of such nature, speak to us about it.