The Future of Alcohol Trend Report

A taste for exotic flavours, greater desire for experiential drinking and increasing importance of safety demand more innovative solutions to rethink the way we drink in years to come. Cool gadgets such as Mista Citrus and Smoking Gun suddenly seems to be the must-have on everyone’s shopping list this season. 

We collated 5 trends that are shaping the alcoholic beverage industry in this report, which includes beer, spirit, gadgetry and bars. 

This report, which is free for you to share, presents the latest developments in technology affecting the alcoholic beverage industry. Citing examples of real-life companies within the industry which are already making use of such technology, it also deals with the concerns and experiences we have with alcohol drinking. 

What’s covered?

  1. New ways to brew own beer
  2. The changing landscape of alcohol drinking culture
  3. How our unconventional taste preferences is transforming brands’ consumer strategy
  4. Creative ways to communicate brand message through packaging
  5. Technology used to improve product safety and counterfeits 

The alcoholic beverage industry is rapidly changing, are you prepared to take advantage of what technology has to offer tomorrow?