DIY: Yama Cold Drip Coffee Maker #3Dprinting

Written by Grael Miller, Carelton University (Canada) | Metalworks Summer Internship 2014

At Metalworks by Maxus we consume a lot of coffee. Unfortunately for us the instant coffee available at the office is lacking in some ways, so we decided that we should brew our own. We decided that cold drip coffee was the way to go as it could make a lot of coffee that could be stored for fairly long periods of time without electricity.

We finally settled on the Yama cold drip tower system pictured above. We ordered the glass components from some scientific glass makers and from the maker of the original Yama system. The supporting tower we decided to build ourselves so that we could give it a unique Metalworks twist.

We 3d printed the layers of the coffee tower that were to hold the glassware and a large base to hold the whole structure together.

Using clear acrylic tubing was chosen to form the supporting columns. Wire was coiled and glued to the tubes to keep the 3D printed plates from slipping.

I am very pleased with how the final product turned out, all it needs now is coffee grounds and ice water and it is ready to go.