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Using big data to find cheap beer in one of the world's most expensive cities


Singapore is one of the top 10 most expensive cities to enjoy a pint of beer. The 25% alcohol tax increase implemented in 2014 means that families who hosts guests to watch live World Cup matches will be spending alot more. It is common for most people in Singapore to view sports matches while drinking beer.


BeerHunter is a data-mining and price comparison website of beer from different online stores in Singapore. The web application analyses current and historic sale price (based on public data from the most popular local online stores), similar to the 52-week average found on stock indices.

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@MaxusMetalworks BeerHunter helps find the cheapest #beer you can buy online in #Singapore. See #bigdata #ecommerce


Robotchef serves personalised Soylent nutritional shakes based on your health and fitness data


Soylent is a drinkable meal that is mixed with water and provides macro & micronutrients in a precise formulation. Soylent garnered massive publicity as a possible meal substitute. Soylent users are either experts who customise their own recipes or new users who buy pre-packed meals. There was no product that simplifies the process of concocting a nutritious Soylent shake. 


The FoodBot makes it easy to mix a perfect soylent-style meal, adjusted daily to give users the appropriate nutrition they need based on the data fed from their wearable fitness and health tracking devices (e.g. Fitbit).

The technology is currently at alpha stage with parts of the machine requiring manual operation.


@MaxusMetalworks Foodbot creates #Soylent shakes based on your nutritional needs. Video: #healthtech #FutureofFood

Storytelling Tissue Box

Interactive Installation that forwards the story of cancer survivors

Beacon Technology

Proximity Marketing and Insights powered by Bluetooth and enabled by smartphones.