Maxus India x Metalworks Line-up for Melt! Festival in Mumbai

We're stoked to be showcasing and speaking about our work at Melt! Festival with Maxus India

Here's the line-up on 21 & 22 May 2015.


'Challenge accepted: Creativity meets Technology' with Harish Shankaran & Alex Jaspers, Head of Digital - South Asia & Strategist at Metalworks by Maxus

Solving business problems with creative technology: This workshop gives a practical insight of how we can think about problems in new ways, and solve them with technology. Participants will face a business problem and learn innovative approaches to solving these problems. We will focus on what skills and capabilities are needed to create solutions beyond advertising and media, how pilot testing a prototype can effectively yield positive outcomes and what investments are needed to make creative technology solutions part of your business strategy.


Creativity + Technology: Problem Solved with Unny Radhakrishnan & Alex Jaspers, Head of Digital - South Asia & Strategist at Metalworks by Maxus

Technology changes the way brands interact with consumers. By combining creativity and technology, it can help us address business problems in new ways.

This session answers the question of why a creative technology department is part of a media agency at Maxus: We will look at what creative technology can do for brands and consumers as it is used beyond just advertising and media. 

Moreover, we will focus on how to get from problem to prototype and what skills are needed in a rapidly changing environment to tackle the challenges the future will bring.