See you next week at Spikes Asia 2015!

We've been invited to share our experiences as a creative technology division at the inaugural Spikes Asia festival. If you're around, come by and say hello. Our team members, Alex (Strategist), Mithru (Technologist) and Daylon (Communications Manager) will be there.

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Talk: Lean Into Change
Event Details:
10 Sep (Thursday) 
1110 to 1155 at the Discovery Stage 

There’s much traditional agencies can learn from fast-growing technology start-ups. The idea of failing fast and leaning into change with technology has helped several of Maxus’ clients to reinvigorate their communication campaigns.

Discover how Maxus builds a culture of experimentation and exploration to improve in-house innovation. Learn how to tap into research expertise from external specialists and instil digital ideas in traditional planners. The speakers share some of the team's most exciting technology prototypes made for retail and activation campaigns covering emerging technologies such as virtual reality, sense detection and wearable technologies.