Responsive Retail

"Retail’s entire value chain is being disrupted. Different parts are naturally at different stages; the effects are probably felt most by marketing and communications teams today. But within the next 5 years we’ll see traditional approaches to distribution, fulfillment, inventory management and even product development take a different shape, transformed by emergent technologies and behaviors.

These retailers all have something in common: a trait that, at Undercurrent, we call responsive. It’s our way of describing companies that operate in a new way that’s conducive to today’s dominant cultural and economic forces: increased speed, complexity and uncertainty. Responsive organizations are learning organisms that have an advantage because they’re able to operate (and critically: adapt) with speed and agility. Rather than being disrupted, they become the disruptor.

Being responsive means rethinking the status quo: the old rules don’t apply any more. To succeed, organizations need to adopt new systems and operating models that enable them to thrive in today’s fast-paced, highly volatile and emergent reality."

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