Berocca Boost is marketed as a multi-vitamin drink (in tablet form) packed with B-vitamins and Guarana for an instant energy boost. Unfortunately, most people don't think about heading to a pharmacy for an energy drink. Through research, we found that youths in Singapores spend at least an hour online every day surfing social media channels and taking selfies was starting to emerge as a culture trend in 2012. 


We created self-dispensing energy drink machine activated through Facebook via a mobile
check-in at high-traffic locations such as pharmacies and polytechnics/universities. Upon checking in to the location, a countdown timer is activated, taking a few candid photos of the drinker enjoying a fresh cup of fizz on to Berocca’s Singapore Facebook page.

During the 2 week campaign in 2012, 500+ photos uploaded to Facebook from the bot, the organic reach of Berocca's Facebook page increased by 90%, with Boostbot content increasing by 702%. Photo views went up by 51% on Facebook!

The client, Bayer Singapore, also reported a +50% increase in sales of Berocca Boost after stores were placed with the Boostbot.

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