CES 2016: Live & VR Tours

In 2016, you can join Tom Kelshaw on 2 tours at CES:

1. LIVE Tour

10.30AM (PST) Friday 8th January at Eureka Park

2. VR & Video tour replay

Late Evening Friday 8th January - Metalworks Youtube

  • Video wrap-up will be released here and on the Metalworks Youtube channel
  • Interviews and product features
  • 360 degree VR video tour on the show floor. Keep your Google Cardboard handy!

Maxus Canada & Metalworks bags Bronze for Marketing Innovation Awards 2015

Maxus Canada and Metalworks teamed up to help Revlon “break through the sea of sameness to drive awareness leading to conversion” for Revlon products in Canada. The season of romantic movies and the cineplex environment where couples frequent presents the perfect opportunity to invite women to step into the world of love before their show. 

Working with Vengo, we implemented interactive sampling vending machines, at cineplexes situated within major cities in Canada. The campaign drove awareness of Revlon’s new ‘Love is On’ campaign on-location and on social media channels via the hashtag #LoveIsOn Participants simply have to answer a time limited movie quiz and get the top score to win a Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick.

Working with Maxus Canada and Vengo, helped the team secure a Bronze award at Marketing Magazine Canada's Media Innovation 2016 Awards for Best use of Out-of-Home Media (Budget over $100k).

Metalworks Research Projects


Using big data to find cheap beer in one of the world's most expensive cities


Singapore is one of the top 10 most expensive cities to enjoy a pint of beer. The 25% alcohol tax increase implemented in 2014 means that families who hosts guests to watch live World Cup matches will be spending alot more. It is common for most people in Singapore to view sports matches while drinking beer.


BeerHunter is a data-mining and price comparison website of beer from different online stores in Singapore. The web application analyses current and historic sale price (based on public data from the most popular local online stores), similar to the 52-week average found on stock indices.

Access the website


@MaxusMetalworks BeerHunter helps find the cheapest #beer you can buy online in #Singapore. See http://beerhunter.metalworks.io/ #bigdata #ecommerce


Robotchef serves personalised Soylent nutritional shakes based on your health and fitness data


Soylent is a drinkable meal that is mixed with water and provides macro & micronutrients in a precise formulation. Soylent garnered massive publicity as a possible meal substitute. Soylent users are either experts who customise their own recipes or new users who buy pre-packed meals. There was no product that simplifies the process of concocting a nutritious Soylent shake. 


The FoodBot makes it easy to mix a perfect soylent-style meal, adjusted daily to give users the appropriate nutrition they need based on the data fed from their wearable fitness and health tracking devices (e.g. Fitbit).

The technology is currently at alpha stage with parts of the machine requiring manual operation.


@MaxusMetalworks Foodbot creates #Soylent shakes based on your nutritional needs. Video: http://youtu.be/V4OnXu6gb7Y #healthtech #FutureofFood

Storytelling Tissue Box

Interactive Installation that forwards the story of cancer survivors

Beacon Technology

Proximity Marketing and Insights powered by Bluetooth and enabled by smartphones. 

Combining Virtual Reality (VR) and Scent Technology

75% of emotions are generated by scent according to author of Brand Sense, Martin Lindstrom. For the past year, we researched and worked with scent technologies to allow our prototype to engage an additional sense and make the VR experience more immersive. We call it SmellTech VR.


  • Ergonomic featherweight design for prolonged usage
  • Plug and play hand carry unit for easy installation
  • Single app installation to calibrate media and SmellTech VR unit
  • Replaceable scents for custom experiences
  • Compatible with ZEISS VR One and free custom Google Cardboard cutout
  • Powered by coin cell batteries
SmellTech VR Prototype on ZEISS VR ONE

SmellTech VR Prototype on ZEISS VR ONE

Behind the Scenes: Light & Play

Metalworks collaboration with undergraduate students from the Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) for the Light & Play project, first born from a Creative Technology workshop delivered to our Maxus India office, has resulted in the birth of 2 prototypes that are ready for on the ground deployment in rural villages struggling to get reliable electricity supply in the evenings.

The project represents an opportunity for brands to create social impact in these communities allowing children to study and economic activities to continue after dark using energy generated and stored from play during the day. 

Maxus Malaysia and Metalworks wins Most Inventive Media Campaign (Sports Marketing) at Adweek's Project Isaac Award

Maxus Malaysia and Metalworks clinched the Most Inventive Media Campaign (Sports Marketing) at Adweek's inaugural Project Isaac Award. Gameday is a mobile web application, where football fans watching live matches can use the Gameday application to predict scores of their favourite matches during the event and earn points that are redeemable for exclusive Tiger beer branded prizes and gadgets. 

The award celebrates innovation addressing creative challenges in the worlds of marketing and media. Maxus is one of the 2 WPP agencies who was given the honour.

See you next week at Spikes Asia 2015!

We've been invited to share our experiences as a creative technology division at the inaugural Spikes Asia festival. If you're around, come by and say hello. Our team members, Alex (Strategist), Mithru (Technologist) and Daylon (Communications Manager) will be there.

View the Full Event Schedule

Talk: Lean Into Change
Event Details:
10 Sep (Thursday) 
1110 to 1155 at the Discovery Stage 

There’s much traditional agencies can learn from fast-growing technology start-ups. The idea of failing fast and leaning into change with technology has helped several of Maxus’ clients to reinvigorate their communication campaigns.

Discover how Maxus builds a culture of experimentation and exploration to improve in-house innovation. Learn how to tap into research expertise from external specialists and instil digital ideas in traditional planners. The speakers share some of the team's most exciting technology prototypes made for retail and activation campaigns covering emerging technologies such as virtual reality, sense detection and wearable technologies.

Wearable Tech: The Next Screen

By Christopher Low, Search & eCommerce Executive at Maxus

Project Underskin, digital tattoo implanted under the skin.

Project Underskin, digital tattoo implanted under the skin.

Wearable, the new buzz word for electronic gadgets or computers fused with clothing and accessories and are worn on the body. While these devices essentially performs the same tasks as a smartphone or computer, they also provide the additional sensory and motion features that are not typically found in smartphones and computers, such as monitoring our human physiology.

Broadly speaking, wearable technology enables real time communication and access to information. They can come in the form of a watch, glasses, contact lenses, pieces of clothing, an implanted microchip or even a tattoo! The ultimate goal is to enable a much more convenient and seamless use of electronics and computers, that makes it portable and mostly hands-free.       

The wearable device market is expected to grow year on year with an estimated value at 12.6 billion US dollars by 2018. [1] Currently, Samsung leads the category, with other players at a distant. With the launch the Apple Watch, Apple is expected to become a strong contender in the near future.

According to a survey conducted in March 2013, 25% of respondents who own Apple products reported that they are very likely to buy an Apple Watch for themselves or someone else when the product is available. [2] In this article, we will look at the emerging media opportunities in wearable technology, specifically around the Apple Watch.

Industry experts have acknowledged that wearable devices will play a bigger role in advertising business and with consumers – and most prominently so with the Apple Watch ecosystem.

The first-mover in the space belongs to the media publishers, most of them offering a condensed version of their app on the watch. The New York Times has introduced “one-sentence stories”, going as far as calling them a “new form of storytelling to help readers catch up in seconds.”[3] Others like The Economist leveraged the voice technology feature to read out its stories when users tap on a story from its Apple Watch app – in a British-accented voice!

Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next, a trade group for publishers that includes Conde Nast and the Times, said Apple Watch creates an opportunity for well-known media brands. "Everywhere and every minute, people are starving for access to reliable information, entertainment and news," he said. "Business models will follow."

From a brand perspective, Melvin Wilson, a consultant with IPG Mediabrands sees the Apple Watch as a vehicle for sharing offers, coupons and loyalty rewards. "As you walk through a supermarket you might get a notification on your Apple Watch for a loyalty program or special offer," he said.

In fact, Midwestern grocery chain Marsh Supermarkets has announced a partnership with mobile retail marketing platform inMarket, which will extend its current iBeacon program to the Apple Watch this year.[4] "It's an amazing time for consumers and commerce as digital and physical experiences converge," Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket, said.

Mobile ad exchange TapSense is in fact testing out programmatic advertising platform for Apple Watch ads. According to the company, the ads will combine interactive formats with hyper-local targeting. TapSense also believes the watch will be useful for delivering retail store coupons, and in general an intimate user experience.

In fact, brands such as Starwood Hotels, Shazam, and Air New Zealand are working on new smartwatch apps. As part of its keyless door entry system made available since November 2014, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide launched its app for the Apple Watch, enabling wearers to tap their device to unlock hotel room doors via Bluetooth.[5]

At the agency level, the application of the Apple Watch still remains an open canvas for many. Mindshare recently collected a series of biometric data from attendees at the Cannes Festival 2015 using the Apple Watch. Partnering with Lightwave, they fitted 100 participants with Apple Watches (linked to an iOS app) that picked up on heart rate, location and movement. Over 20 million data points were gathered from over the three days.

The program primarily measured three things: engagement, energy and emotional indicators. Engagement is when accelerometer activity is decreased but heart rate is increased, indicating that a person is physically still and focused, but excited. Energy is increased accelerometer and increased heart rate. Emotion is decreased accelerometer and fluctuation in heart rate.

Wearable technology does present another opportunity for marketers to engage with their consumers. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, wearable devices have a restricted screen size, and clearly hinting at a change in behavior towards content consumption. As marketers, the need to adjust existing content assets and reimagine how stories are told to the consumer will be crucial.

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Megacities & Creative Technology: Smarter Media

Earlier in April 2015, Nico Abbruzzese, Global Director of Creative Technology for Maxus spoke at the annual Nordic digital marketing conference, Gulltaggen. Nico covered the relationship between new forms of media in cities where urban dwellers are constantly exposed to advertising messages. Learn how we can break through the clutter from the examples demonstrated by watching the full talk above.

Past speakers for the event include David Rowan from WIRED, Seth Godin and Sir Richard Branson.